I am: Cherry Tomato 'Verino'

✔︎ Verino cherry tomatoes are known for their exceptionally sweet and tangy flavor. They are often described as having a "burst of sunshine" in each bite, and are a popular choice for snacking, salads, and sauces.

✔︎ They hardy plants that can withstand a variety of growing conditions and are relatively pest and disease-resistant.

✔︎ They are high in antioxidants and vitamin C and are a great source of dietary fiber.

Sunny, partial shade

Normal, I get what I need from the tank
I prefer some support (staking or trellising) to keep my vines from becoming too heavy and to prevent hurting me or my tomatoes
Your plants arrive safely!
Our plants are all hand-packed and well-protected for their journey - in the unique plant box of the company Klingele from Wunsiedel!

Good and bad-tempered parcel carriers tested it!


Greenling's concept is outstanding. Finally, something blooms even from my non-green thumb. It's a visually incredible bloom and, at the same time, a tasty herb garden with rosemary, mint, basil, and chili peppers. I will treat myself to more Greenlings in the future!
We are enthusiastic Greenling customers. The winter set also looks great on our roof terrace.
Greenling gave me a beautiful summer and was a great eye-catcher on my balcony. Now it's hibernating, and I look forward to filling it next year with great plants from you. Massive credit to the Greenling team. The quality of the plants was excellent, and the harvest was abundant.
I am super satisfied! Especially the watering is just brilliant! You only have to take care of the plants every 1-2 weeks.
Beautiful and healthy plants - pure joy!
Frankfurt am Main
The thing looks simply elegant, a noble designer piece. Due to the flat surface in which the planters are inserted, it appears clean and tidy, and the plants give it a nice, slightly wild contrast. It's truly a "mini-garden," an ensemble, and not plants lined up in a row.
The little minigarden is the perfect addition to my hardy year-round planting on my balcony. Being retired, I no longer have the stamina to plant myself, and it saves me the trip to the garden center. This is a solution that has me 100% convinced!