Winter 2023

I am: Ajuga Burgundy Glow

(I don't particularly like my middle name crawling Bugleweed...)

→ Mainly because of my pretty colorful foliage, I made it into the autumn program.

→ I'm hardy and like it sunny to partially shaded.

→ The wetter my soil, the more sun I can tolerate.

→ You shouldn't eat me!

I am: Asia salad

→ I am a delicious mix of different lettuce plants: Mizuna, Moustarde Rouge Metis, Red Giant and rocket.

→ I like cool weather and I also like being harvested in winter.

→ I am partly as hot and spicy as arugula, but the taste was also approved by children!

→ I tolerate sun and partial shade. I grow back faster with more sun.

I am: Plumbago

→ I am originally from Asia and am hardy. Only in severe frost do I shed my leaves, but they will sprout again.

→ My delicate flowers are blue, my leaves turn red in autumn.

→ Since I'm slightly poisonous, please don't snack on me!

→ I like it sunny and not too humid.

I am: Blood Sorrel

→ My motto is: sour is fun! That's why most people tend to mix me into the salad in smaller doses, and I'm a real booster for your health: I'm full of vitamin C, iron and oxalic acid!

→ I am hardy and sometimes shed a leaf or two when it is very cold.

→ I get along well with sun and partial shade.

I am: Colorful Sage...

...if I want to show off
Salvia Icterina...

→ I taste just as good as my green relative, only I'm a bit prettier with my three colors.

→ Although I like it rather sunny, I cope very well with the cold. Only in severe frost am I grateful if you cover me.

→ My healing properties are diverse: antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

→ I bloom from June to August and the bees fly at me!

I am: Carex (THE ornamental grass)

I am a lush, undemanding ornamental grass that cuts a fine figure in any pot.

I am evergreen and tolerate both sun and shade well.

→ Luckily no one has yet come up with the idea of ​​eating me!

I am: Euphorbia (Spurge)

→ I'm an imposing, bushy plant with gorgeous red foliage the colder it gets.

→ I'm hardy, like it sunny and don't need a lot of water.

→ You shouldn't eat me! I am named after my milky-white plant sap (spurge), which can cause itching if it comes into direct contact with the skin!

I am: Imperata

→ I'll be a real eye-catcher at around 40 cm. My red grass shines most beautifully in the autumn sun.

→ I am hardy and insensitive.

→ You shouldn't eat me!

I am: Muehlenbeckia

→ I'm one of the really tough guys. I tolerate the sun, but also make do with shade.

→ I am evergreen, hardy, undemanding and have delicate white flowers from May to July.

→ Bees think I'm great. I put my blooming neighbors in the garden particularly nicely in

→ You shouldn't eat me!

I am: the magnificent Stonecrop

→ I stand by my name and my character!

→ I am a round, luscious eye-catcher and, as a perpetual bloomer, bring a good mood to the
autumn garden.

→ My many small flowers are ideal for bees in autumn!

→ I like it sunny and partially shaded and I'm - of course - hardy, but not suitable for eating.

I am: Heuchera Royal Ruby

→ I bring great red color to the autumn garden.

→ Since I prefer my soil to be moist, I would be happy if you helped me by generously watering me.

→ I like sun and penumbra, because that's where I shine most beautifully.

→ I am hardy.

→ Please don't eat me!

I am: Rosemary (Abraxas)

→ I am a hardy variety of rosemary that lignifies and forms sculptures over time.

→ I like it sunny and need little water from the tank - you will look in vain for long roots with me.

→ I develop delicate purple flowers that bees and butterflies love.

→ My needles taste particularly great with baked potatoes, but I also feel at home in winter drinks.

I am: Santolina (olive herb)

→ I'm a fun little bright green herb that really smells and tastes like olives!

→ So you can snack on me or mix it in salads.

→ I'm hardy, like my Mediterranean colleagues, I like it sunny and I don't need a lot of water.

I am: the Silver Ragwort

→ Because of my beautiful, silvery leaves, I am sometimes asked if I color them...

→ I'm hardy and I like it cool, preferably semi-shady.

→ Please don't eat - I'm really too beautiful for that!

I am: Cushion Bush

→ Because of my crazy leaves, my name in German also means "barbed wire plant."

→ I'm hardy for the winter, like it sunny or semi-shady and tolerate lots of water.

→ You can't eat me - who would eat barbed wire!

I am: Common Heather

→ Although my name in German means "summer field", everyone plants me in the fall 😊. That's probably because I'm absolutely hardy and I'm available in many autumnal color variations.

→ I'm undemanding, can get along with sun and shade and prefer dry I don't water it additionally, I pull the little that I need from the Greenling tank.

→ I'm not there to eat.

I am: Green Globe (Hebe)

→ Because of my colorful leaves, I feel particularly good in autumn.

→ I am also hardy and get along well with little sun.

→ I tend to need less water and should not be eaten!

I am: an evergreen Fern

→ I inspire with lots of lush green and bushy growth.

→ I like to lead a shadowy existence, I leave the limelight in the sun to others.

→ Everyone is happy with me: As an evergreen, hardy candidate, I am not easily defeated.

→ Please don't eat me as I'm slightly poisonous!