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Our vision

Greenling produces and maintains ready-planted, innovative urban gardening solutions to give people in cities a moment of nature every day, everywhere, despite workload, lack of time, or space.

Who's behind Greenling?
Greenling was founded in 2021 by Johanna Leisch (the one in pink), a nature lover who happens to live in the city. Joachim, Greenling's head gardener, sits next to her, who heads the experimental greenhouses at the Würzburg Botanical Center. He thoroughly inspects and tests all plant ideas, ensuring that only the best locally grown plants end up in our mini-garden. On the right (the one in green) is Megan Douglas, Greenling's co-managing director and longtime friend of Johanna. The only thing she loves more than plants is her dog, Dorito, who also happens to be a Greenling employee. He provides excellent humor, wet kisses, and walk breaks.
Head Gardeners Joachim and Rainer
Each of our plants passes through the hands of our head gardeners, Joachim and Rainer. Both have over 30 years of gardening experience, unlimited plant knowledge, and horticultural intuition to select, assemble, and grow the perfect plants for our Greenlings. In addition, the two down-to-earth "Franconians" are simply down-to-earth guys who are always curious and open to new things!
Our partners
Our partners are more than manufacturers and suppliers! We deliberately rely on traditional family businesses that are also passionate about our product and share our values of sustainability, responsibility, and curiosity. Thus, KVH Hartung in Krailling manufactures our plant pot, the Milan family business Doncoc manufactures our table, and Stumpe from Kaufbeuren produces our tabletop made of safety glass. The plants come from the plant nursery Rothenhöfer and Caritas Don Bosco training nursery in Würzburg.