Greenling x Companies

Endless possibilites
  • Lightweight planter (made in Germany), UV-resistant, frost-proof and sustainable - usable 365 days a year

  • Integrated side table

  • Hardy plants from family-owned garden nurseries

  • Easy watering with tank system - up to 30% less watering and overwatering impossible

  • No repotting required

  • Easy care thanks to long-term fertilization

  • Flexible plant replacement, at any time, one time or via plant subscription
Easy to use
  • Place 9-plant pot on table (raised bed) - install wheels if needed, or table on top of 9-plant pot (side table)

  • 3-plant pot for balcony, wall and in hanging system

  • Insert planted inner pots and rearrange plant pots as desired

  • Fill water tank to overflow

  • Regularly harvest and remove old flowers
Our sustainable promise
  • Plant pots made in Germany entirely from recycled or recyclable material

  • Upcycling material saves up to 40% CO2 compared to virgin material

  • Sustainable plant cultivation at the Caritas training nursery in Bavaria

  • Thanks to the water tank, you can save up to 30% water per plant pot