Make garden dreams come true - even without a green thumb!

How can you make garden dreams come true even if you don't have a garden? Or the green thumb is missing, or simply the time...

That's exactly what Johanna Leisch asked herself, mother of three children, working and always under time pressure. The frustration with potted flowers that were either dried up or drowned by the rain grew with every piece of advice, no matter how well-intentioned, simply to choose the right plant, the perfect pot or the right saucer. Because it wasn't that easy. At least, until Johanna Leisch turned frustration into inventiveness and developed a concept that was unique up to now: The “Greenling” mini garden with suitable plants in perfect pots, fitted into a unique plug-in system with tank irrigation and overflow, in which the plants can be rearranged or swapped quickly , are easy to water and cannot drown.

After almost two years of development work with selected experts, such as Joachim Rothenhöfer, head of the experimental greenhouses at the University of Würzburg, the imaginative company founder presented her first "Greenling" mini gardens that can be ordered online ( with resounding success the "For You" and "Star"
Editors voted their favorite piece. In addition to the high-quality and robust plant programs from local nurseries, the clever design of the raised bed with a table function was particularly praised.

"It was important to me that we were able to create a real garden feeling in the smallest of spaces," says Johanna Leisch about her development work. “Our plants should not only go well together, but also appeal to all the senses with different scents, colors and tastes. That's why ours are
Mini gardens not only to look at, but also to nibble on, above all the mini garden "Spice and the City" with Snackpepper, strawberries and bush tomatoes."

The professional gardeners also take into account the native diversity of species in the background of the concept, and anyone who wants variety in their "Greenling" mini garden can have new seasonal plant arrangements sent to them by subscription or as an individual order.

"I love my mini garden," says the Munich author Janet Clark, "every time I step onto the terrace, I'm happy simply because it's so beautiful. And thanks to the large water tank, forgetting to water is finally no longer an issue.”

Janet Clark - happy customer and Greenling fan.

Does the “Greenling” mini garden look familiar to you? It was exhibited at the Altdorf Garden Magic. You want to learn more about it:

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