Greenling mini-garden project: Urban plant fireworks

Founder Johanna Leisch wants to bring more lightness and tangible moments of nature into urban life and is launching a crowdfunding campaign for her mini garden project

The aim is to combine three elements of the gardening industry, which are currently regularly viewed separately: plants, design and service.

And that's what it's all about: In addition to space on the balcony or terrace, many people also lack helpful plant knowledge. Descriptions on plant labels are only of limited help and due to the huge range on offer, it is often difficult to find and then successfully obtain the right ones. Greenling stands for a new, simple way of gardening, in which a professional gardener has already given the necessary support in the background.

People with a heavy workload in particular should be more enthusiastic about the diversity and beauty of plants and thus create a garden moment every day. This is based on the conviction that small moments of closeness to nature have a decisive positive influence on life.

Good side effect: Preservation of biodiversity

Johanna originally comes from near Oldenburg and is shaped by her close-to-nature childhood experiences. As a child she spent most of her time outdoors, for example on her grandparents' farm. With Greenling, users will in future be able to access high-quality, complex and robust plant arrangements ranging from flowering plants to herbs and fruit-bearing plants, which have been tested by experts and are delivered to your home in a subscription model and in a patented display case module with a table.

For Johanna, it was important when choosing plants that they offer added value for the local biodiversity of bees, bumblebees and other insects and thus contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

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