Fresh rosemary even in winter?


Hey greenling,

It's still winter outside, but our plant cultivation is already in full swing! So that the rosemary in your mini garden really inspires you, it is grown many months in advance and hardened by our local gardeners. So it can later withstand any wind and weather!

Our hardy rosemary Abraxas

Our rosemary Abraxas is hardy, likes to woody into artistic sculptures and is particularly aromatic.

It flowers in spring and sometimes also in winter, like this specimen from our nursery.

As a nectar-rich labiate, rosemary is particularly attractive to wild bees and butterflies.

Snow and ice cannot harm this rosemary from our test program. He's still standing happily on our terrace, patiently waiting for spring.

Abraxas and many other tough guys make our mini gardens unique.

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