A look inside Greenling's greenhouses

Hey greenling, Here are a few impressions from the current Greenling plant cultivation, here from our cooperative nursery of Caritas "Don Bosco" near Würzburg. Caritas' training gardening helps young people who are having a hard time in life to qualify as gardeners and enter a profession that is important, fulfilling and life-affirming. This is what we mean by sustainability and responsible production, among other things.

Peppers are so pretty!

Snack from the mini garden next summer... this is where our Snack Pepper grows, a small sweet pepper from our Spice and the City program.

Our bush tomato

Our bush tomato from the "Spice and the City" program is affectionately called Domadde by our Franconian gardener. It already smells great and gives you an idea of ​​how it will taste later!
Caroline is just one of the many employees at Don Bosco who takes care of our plant cultivation with joy and passion.

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